How to set personal goals?

By | November 28, 2014

personal goalsIt is a common thing to set a goal for one thing or another. Whether it is something big like losing 10 pounds or getting a new high paying job or something small like finishing a chore within an hour, everyone sets some goals for them almost every day. So, setting a goal is such an action which is commonly practised by many. But if you happen to be one of those few people who do not do this, then it is recommended that you start setting personal goals for your own self. This is because; goals have the capability to bring a sense of responsibility in a person and so it is a great way to stay motivated and be on the right track to get what one wants to.

If you can set your goal properly and follow them religiously, then you will be able to fulfil your goal and gain the success or thing which made you set up a goal in the first place. So, if you happen to be a person who never set a personal goal for them or if you happen to be a person who always has difficulty in following the goals you set for yourself, and then read on to know the right way on how to set personal goals.

Break down your goal

When people set a goal for them, these goals are a big thing for them and thus most of the time people get intimidated by the goal they set. As a result, they end up giving up on the half way. This is the first hurdle which one faces while making a goal. But there are easy ways by which you can make any big goal look small and achievable. What you have to do is first think about your goal and then figure out ways to break them into little parts.

So, suppose your goal is to clean the whole house which is a huge task and a person may find it too intimating and thus avoid it. But if you break this goal down, like, today you will clean the living room while tomorrow you will clean the bedroom and so on then the same very task does not seem big. So, in this way, not only will you be able to fulfil the actual goal but as the work was divided, so all different work will be done accurately and not in haste.

As every goal can be broken down into small parts, so it is advisable, that you sit down and break down the goal and write it down for your convenience.


Now sometimes it is seen that many people have more than one goal to think about and, as a result, they feel pressurized and as a result none of the goals get fulfilled which results into heartache and disappointment. But, there is a very simple way to tackle this problem. You have to sort out your priorities. Think and decide which goal needs importance now and which can be delayed. So, when you take one goal at a time, you will feel relaxed and thus you will be able to work better and thus will be able to fulfil your goal.

Prepare before starting

It is important that you first do necessary and proper research about the steps to take in order to fulfil your goal. The right kind of knowledge is very important, and it will be a smart move to be prepared first, before taking the initial step of fulfilling your goal. If you are prepared then there is less chance of making mistakes and thus, you will be able to take effective steps to properly fulfil your goal. Each kind of goal requires a different kind of preparation, so make sure that you research well accordingly.


Every goal must have a deadline and to make sure that you are able to fulfil your goal during the allotted time frame you can take the help of scheduling. You can make a schedule or timetable based on your goal. While making this timetable, do not forget to take into consideration recreation activities and other such related times when you will not do anything to achieve your goal. With a realistic schedule, you will be able to follow it accurately and thus will be able to finish all that is necessary in order to achieve the goal. You can even make printouts of the schedule and place them where you can see it, as it will help you to keep you on track.


It is important to have the drive to fulfil your goal, but it is also important to take some time off and enjoy the fact that you are getting closer to finish your goal. If you break down your goals into parts then keep a reward in mind after completing each part. Following this reward system formula, is a great way to stay motivated.

So, you can see that there are many steps on the subject of how to set personal goal. So, it is advised that you figure out how these steps will help you.

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