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By | December 23, 2014

ok cupid visits on girl profileOK, I’ve opened today a profile on OKCupid dating site. I am 22-year old good looking:)  girl from New York who want to find a nice guy for long term or short term dating.  I put a few pictures,  answer on some of the questions there and went to work. After I come back from work this is what I’ve found. I had 23 messages,  160 visitors and 252 quickmatch…. in only 8 hours. My first toughts was I must be pretty anwesome girl… or there are just too many singles guys in New York.

Anyway after first shock I take a look at some of the messages. 99% of the messages was Hi, how are you? I mean, guys, you must be original if you want that girl notice you.

What I (girl)  want to send her ??

Well first of all it would be good to read profile till the end and see some of the questions I answerd. Take a look on some details like languages I speak or what is my horoscope sign. That is the good way to start if we have something in common. For example if we have same horoscope sign or we speak same second language is the great thing to write me and show me that we have somthing in common. Or if you have read some book that I like or movie, you can also write something about that. I mean it’s hard to make selection if all of you write ‘Hi how are you’, and I don’t have time to write all of you. That could work only if you are Ryan Gosling:)

Other thing, if you only visit my profile and don’t write me anything at all I’ll probably not even see your profile cause 160 visitors are just too much. What if I skip some day on OKcupid those visits will be probably much more…

On Quickmatch I am not going even to spend my words.

Screenshot - 23_12

This is what most mens send on Okcupid.

So, dear guys. I want to say that when some girl don’t answer you it’s not that she doesn’t like you or somthing like that, it’s cause there are just too much guys there and you must be original to stand up from the crew. Please realize that you are not the only one who visit my profile or send me a message, there are just too many other guys too, so please read profile and be original and funny:) That’s all folks:)

This is how my dashboard looking after one week. okcupid visits after one week


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