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By | November 26, 2014

Definition of Depression

depressionBasic definition of depression is psychological disorder which will affect the person mood, his activities, his ability to think and feel and his interaction with the public. It is an illness where genes, chemical changes and external events will play an important role.
Every one in their lives will experience stress, sadness, laziness or feels very hard to interact with the others. This happens when there is a very bad news in and around us. Often, when we loose our loved ones, when we loose our job or gets very less score in the examination, we may feel very much depressed. Most of them can manage this depression and come out of it and continue with our normal activities after a few days or weeks. But there are cases when these lasts long in our mind and feels very hard to get out of it and this is called Clinical Depression. This clinical depression distinguishes the depression illness which lasts long for many days from the most common depression when some thing goes wrong around us.
Definition of Clinical depression is illnesses that will challenge the person ability to come out of his long term pain and grief and to continue with the normal activities. Clinical depression is not related to just sad feeling or bad things which happen frequently. When the depression gets to its peak, it may make a person to commit suicide. Depression is not just burden for the person who is under attack, but even the family will be suffering the burden of it.

Major depression:
This depression is also called as Clinical depression. This depression lasts for around two weeks. The symptoms of this depression are as follows. Person will loose his interest in all the activities. He will be very down in the mood and tends to be always silent thinking of some unnecessary things. They will loose weight drastically or there are chances of increasing in the weight. There will be lot of changes in the sleeping time – they will reduce the amount of sleep or they will sleep for more time. They will be having less energy and always feels fatigue when they do any work. They will be having a feel of guilty. They will be frequently thinking about death or suicide and there are also chances of attempting for that.

Seasonal depression:
In medical term this depression is called as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This depression is very common when people come across any bad things happening in their life. This lasts long for few days and it can be predictable. But this is very severe too. This is most commonly during the winter season when the day light hours are very less. This disease is some times referred as ‘winter blues’.

Psychotic depression:
This is a depression caused when people are in severe depression such that they loose the touch with the reality. That is when they loose touch with the reality most of the time they tend to be suffering from hallucination. It is very serious disorder where people are in dangerous situation of loosing their complete control over mind. These people are most commonly seen hurting themselves by trying to commit suicide.

This depression is some what good compared to the major depression. People suffering from this disorder will be like a normal person working. This disorder is not that strong to make a man inactive. But one bad thing is Dysthymia will last long for years together which needs continuous medication till the end. The symptoms of this disorder are as follows. They will increase the amount of food intake or chances are there that they will decrease also. Person suffering from this disorder will have a problem in his sleep timings. Suddenly they will start sleeping more time or they may reduce the sleep time. They will be having a feeling of worthlessness. They feel very difficult in concentrating or for making decisions.

Bipolar disorder
This depression is also called as manic depression. This is some what different sort of depression compared to other two. Here people will have self motivated and aggressive manner towards any work. They will feel that they can do anything. This will cycle between manic disorder and depressive disorder. There are cases where people are facing only mania. The symptoms of this depression are as follows. They will feel self empowered. They tend to sleep very less. They keep talking continuously which is unusual. They will be getting distracted from the things very easily. They will be involving in the pleasurable work.

Signs of depression

Clinical depression is not the one which lasts for a day or two. This depression is found continuously in a person for more than a week or a month and even a year if the person is not medicated. If a person is found to be in depression, then he tends to do very less work, lazy to get off the bed, not taking care of himself and fails to communicate to the friends and family members. All of a whole people suffering from depression will not perform their daily activities. The signs of depression vary from one person to other based on age.
Adult:When an adult is suffering from a major clinical depression then he/she tends to have the following signs of it. It is the responsibility of the people in the family to identify it get it rectify soon. The signs of depression are: Sad feelings, Less interest in the daily activities, Change in appetite (Increase or decrease), loss of weight or gain in weight, Changes in the sleep time: Sleeping for long hours or inability to take good sleep, Faces irritation for each and every thing, Loss of energy, tries to be alone always by getting away from friends and family members, faces trouble in concentrating on any activities, Excessive guilt, thinking about death or suicide. Men and women show different signs of depression. Men usually find irritation for every thing, lack of sleep, Lack of energy and less interest in the activities. Where as woman feels very guilt about themselves, tendency to sleep, increase in appetite and most of the time over sadness.
Children: Even children suffer from depression because of some reason and the following are the classic signs of depression. Very poor performance in school, feeling bored for most of the time, Physical symptoms like headaches and stomach pains, feels very sad and tendency to cry for simple things, change in eating pattern – Some times eats more or some times eats very less, Change in sleeping pattern – excessive sleeping or lack of sleeping, Loss of weight or gained weight in recent weeks or month and feels tiredness while performing daily activities.
Teenage: Signs of depression in teenage includes the signs of children and also few mentioned here. Showing less concern on own safety. They tend to drive vehicle in excessive speed without caring about their life. They will make a habit of smoking, alcohol and indulging in drugs etc…

Elder people: Elder people also get in to depression when they loose their loved ones like son or daughter. The signs of it are, lack of thinking ability, feels very hard to concentrate on a particular activity, physical complaints for no reason like muscle pain, abdominal pain or change in bowel habit, Loss of memory. Most of the people in the family think that this due to their age. It might be, but its worth to take such people to doctor’s consult and get it checked whether it is due to the age factor or some other reason.

What is the treatment for depression?

If a person is found to be under depression, then he has to be taken for psychiatrists. As part of diagnosis, he will post him a serious of questions and based on the answers they will judge the risk under the depression. And also they will try to know the reasons for the depression and tries to rectify them with the support of the family members.

Depression may be because of various reasons. It can be because of hormonal changes in the body or social or family problems or side effects of the various medications. For this reason a proper tests are performed initially to be confirm about the reason for depression.
If the symptoms of depression say that a person is having Clinical Depression then consultant will recommend for medical treatment.

The treatment will be finding root cause for clinical depression. Example if there is low level thyroid hormone then he will be medicated with levothyroxine which will increase the hormone level and makes it normal. If with medication, psychotherapy is also carried out then it is most likely to get cured very sooner. For major depressions, the treatment will be carried out for 6 months and to a year based on the severity of depression.

Without treatment the symptoms will stay for a long time and there situations where it gets worsened and patient may commit suicide. So it’s best to get it treated before the situation gets worsen and to recover soon to lead a normal life an others. Keep in mind that a proper we should consult a proper therapist to handle the case.

Home treatment:

Once a depression is noticed in a person there should be some changes in the home so that to prevent depression from coming again. There should be a friendly environment in the family. There should not be any quarrel between the members of the family since it will put an adverse effect on the patients mind. Person under depression should not be left alone. Consider him as a friend and try to have a friendly chat wit him. Person under depression will be having lot of things in mind but all in a clumsy manner. Try to ask him questions some general questions like things he saw from the morning, what work he did after waking up etc… This will divert their mind from the unwanted things. Let him take a balanced diet and have a proper sleep time to time. Regular exercise or a long walk in the morning or evening with the family people will help a lot to cure. Make him feel that he is not alone on this world. Never force him to perform any task and try to find the other way so that the work is done. Do not allow him to drink alcohol or going for smoking. If the person is a teen a more care should be taken by the parents. Make them feel comfortable with their needs. They still have a lot of life to lead. Depression will affect their studies and finally they cannot be a successful person in the life.

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