Growing a beard – everything you need to know

By | December 23, 2014

How to choose the right beard for your face

perfect beardFor those people who love to have beards, this is the right time. With bearded look back to fashion, many people are trying their own creative styles of beards. It is very difficult to choose the right beard style. People have to keep their face shape in their mind before planning for a particular shape of beard. The beard style has to suit the face shape other wise it will give a bad appearance for men. There are lots of people who will not look good, even though they are very fair because of wrong selection of the beard shape and style. So it is very much essential to know about the different styles and shapes of beard so that you can choose based on the shape of face. Proper beard shape and style for a face will give a good handsome look. Before choosing a beard style, the most important thing is to know is, what sort of face you have. Trim the current beard completely and try to analyze the face shape. Every person’s face has its own characteristics like, size of nose, Size and width of mouth, height and width and jaw, cheeks etc… so, it is very difficult to point at beard style for every facial characteristics.

Beard for square face: If you are having square face and planning to go for beard which suits your face, then it is better to keep them short at the sides and can go for long beard at the chin which is going to add some length for the face. All time favorite, ‘goatee’ beard will be the best suit for the square face people.

Beard for round face: For people whose face is round in shape, they have to go for a beard style which will add some length to the face and reduce the face look as round. It’s better to prevent think and lengthy sideburns. That will make the face look broad which is very ugly. So, for people with round face ‘goatee’ beard will be the best match.

Beard for long face: For the people with long face the beard style should be reverse as for round face. Long face people have to go for the beard style which is think in sideburns and very thin in chin. Thick side burns will reduce the face length and manages the face shape.

Beard for small face: If the person’s face is very small, then there is nothing to search for. It is better to go for a simple beard with thick sideburns and simple and thin chin beard. If they go for full beard, then the face will be lost n the beard and all we can see is only beard.

Beard for large face: If people are having large face, then they can have a very thick beard and a long mustache. Because it makes others feel that the beard has caused for such a big face.

Beard for oval face: If the face of person is oval then he is the luckiest person. Any sort of beard style and shape will suit the face.

How to grow a beard

First determine whether the beard suits your face. If it suits simply stop shaving for about 4 to 5 weeks. Best time to start with it is when you are not out for public most often because it looks very rough and awkward at the initial stages. You may need to get criticized from the people surrounding you. During this period of 4 to 5 weeks there will be lot of itching and a person has to bear it if he wants a beard. To minimize itching, use a shampoo or conditioner. Moisturizing lotion also will reduce itching.

After 4 to 5 weeks just look at the growth of the beard and check whether it is adequate or not. Once you plan to shape out the beard you need an assistance of professional barber. They will help and guide how to trip the beard and make it look great with good shape. Check the different beard shape and styles which suits your face shape. If there is not a good coverage for full beard, then it is better to go for chin strap, goatee or soul patch. If there are plans to trip and shape out by yourself then you need to invest some money on purchasing a good trimmer which has variable length settings for trimming.

Facial hair is the characteristic of men. Beard will not look good for all men because some people will be having a spotty growth of beard in the face they cannot help and it is very difficult to get the thick beard for them to shape it as they needed. It is because of hormonal deficiency and it is better to consult a doctor and get the required quantity of testosterone hormone which helps in the growth of facial hair.
Do not get desperate because of itching sensation at the initial stages. Try to choose a proper time to start growing the beard. It is better to try in the winter season because since it is cold outside, there will be less itching. Also some times you will not see good density of beard even though you have stopped shaving for weeks together. Keep in mind that every people will have different growth rate. After getting a good style suitable for your face it is most important to maintain it with periodic trimming. To have a better look, always try to shave the neck part cleanly. There is belief that shaving will improve the beard growth rate and thickness, it is not true and try to follow the simple tips mentioned to get a very good and handsome look.

How to maintain your beard

Professional Help: You have to weight for around 3 to 4 weeks to get a thick beard to get it trimmed for your style. At this time keep thinking of the styles you can go for. After it is completely grown then you need to find a good professional barber to trip for your shape initially. This job of giving shape for the first time is not possible for a normal man generally. It needs the hands of professionals to work on. Then from the next time we can trim and maintain our self.

Clean: Since hair on face is different form the hair on head it needs a special and different sort of care. The beard has to be cleaned and conditioned every day. It is better to use shampoo or conditioner for this. When the beard is thick it will be very rough and looks very ugly. So timely conditioning will soften the rough beard. When the beard is very thick itching sensation will be more and cleaning with shampoo will reduce scalp and thus it reduces itching sensation.

Shave Oil: It is better to use shaving oil when you are bordering or lining up the beard because shaving oil will let you know what you are shaving clearly and you can give line very perfectly. Thus shave oil is must used for proper lining of beard.

Good trimmer: Once a professional has helped out in giving a proper shape for your beard and you have plans to trim it by yourself for future, then you might need to invest on a good handy trimmer which has a adjustable trimming option of variable length. It is better to stay away from the scissors as it is very difficult to get the even trimming for beard. There will be more faults while using beard. If you use a trimmer you can get a even trip for beard which looks beautiful and can be very handy also.

Comb it: It is essential to comb the beard frequently because the uncombed beard will look ugly and it will form lots of knots and it will look like patches. So it is good to prevent those knots by moving the comb frequently at the direction of hair growth.

Color: The color of beard should be same as the color of hair on head. If it is different then it is better to use the color which best suits you.

How to trim a beard


Many people think that only barbers can trim the beard perfectly and they will go often for trimming the beard and waste lot of money. It should be noted that any normal man can trim the beard for himself because it is visible completely and why can’t you save few bucks. But only thing is you need to invest on few tools initially like trimmer, scissor, shaving gel etc… More than anything you can trim according to your style. For mustache and beard to look good it should be trimmed frequently and shaved at the edges. For most of the people there will be no even edges for beard so they have to shave the edges in a line so that it looks good. If not there will be no proper line up of beard and it looks very ugly and then will loose a handsome look.

To shave the edges of beard frequently it is better to use the razor with blade. It is the best way to get the straight line edges around the beard which will make you look handsome. While giving the edges to beard you have to use shaving oil because if you use oil you can see how and what you are shaving perfectly and it will help in giving the proper line for the beard edges. If you use foam or shaving gel you cannot see the things properly and there are chances to miss the proper line. Best way to give edges is to use razor with down strokes along the growth of hair.

When you are giving edge for the beard below the jaw, have a careful look at the mirror. Try to give a clean and even arc with the down strokes of razor. The line should be high enough such that the beard edges are visible only when you lift your chin up.After you have shaved the edges of the beard it is important to trip the beard. For trimming it is better to invest on a good handy trimmer which supports variable length. Try to go for electric trimmer because it needs very less effort of yours at the time of trimming. Avoid using scissors because there are chances that we may not get a good even trim. Trimming of beard is very essential because the hair growth will be uneven and also if you leave it for more days without trimming, it looks like a nest of bird and will look very awkward. So trim regularly but not daily.

More importantly try to shave the edges of the beard when you are alone. Do not let any one come near you when you are busy in this work. Because if some one touches your hand at the time of giving the edge for the beard you will loose the line and it will look very bad. Then all you need to do is shave the complete beard. So take these essential measures and follow the steps mentioned above to get a very good handsome look as lovable to all girls.

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