Causes and symptoms of teenage depression

By | November 26, 2014

teen depressionTeenage depression is very problematic and very difficult to handle with. Every teen will feel sad and emotional for time to time but problem is when the emotions long last in the mind for many days. The problems will be very serious. Lot of teenagers is seen with depression because they will have a very immature mind and they will not know how to handle it. Parents have to take a very good care for children at the teenage. They should have a friendly conversation frequently so that their children can come up with their problems if any. Parents should not force their children to do any particular work. They should not put them in stress at the teenage.

Symptoms for teenage depression

Teenagers under depression will feel like crying without any reason. They cannot concentrate on studies and also not on any daily activities. As a result there will be a very bad in the college performance card. They will feel guilt about themselves. They will feel that they are worthless and feel very sad about themselves. They will encounter with problems like headache and restless. Their sleeping time will be changed – Either they will increase the time of sleep or they will reduce the sleep time. They will loose interest in all the activities, they will not participate in any college or social activities and they will not have any fun. They like to stay alone all through the day without talking to their friends and family members.
In order to help teens to get rid of depression, parents have to play a very vital role. They should know that teenage depression is all about bad moods, broken heart and rebellion. Their condition will be in a serious stage of life if left without treated it will cause a serious problem on their mind. Parents should have a good and friendly conversation with the children at teenage.

Causes of teenage depression

Generally depression is caused due to change in hormones, but depression in teenage will have a very different reasons for depression. Teenagers will have a very immature mind and they take every actions happening around them very seriously. Most of the time depression in teenagers is seen because of the social and family problems, parents not looking after their children in a good manner, bad communication at home, problems like divorce and quarrel between the father and mother. They will take a minor quarrel between the father and mother, very seriously. Some times depression is also caused due to indulge in substance abuse. Some times depression is also caused to hormonal changes during puberty. So there is no single cause for depression in teenage and it depends on all them mentioned here.
Parents have to find such drastic changes in their children and have to take them to a therapist and should have a psychological support to have a better recovery. Before that there should be a friendly environment at home. Do not force them to do any work instead try to know why they are resisting in doing the mentioned work. Have a friendly talk with them daily. Let them know that you are there for them at the serious time. Do not make them to feel they are alone in this world.

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