Borderline personality disorder causes

By | November 16, 2014

Borderline personality disorder causesFor one to have the right type of a personality, then the environment around him or her is the main cause for the same, hence the reason why people need to be educated on and against the same, as a way to know and cultivate vices as borderline personality disorders from the face of the community. This type of a disorder is slowly gaining access to many people’s lives; hence, people need to know what causes the same, and ways of countering the disorder in the quest to live a happy life. The following are the most common causes of borderline personality disorder, and people need to ensure they are aware of the same, to reduce the risk of engaging in the same.
The first cause of borderline personality disorder in many people’s lives is genetics. Some of these character traits are borrowed from one hierarchy to another, meaning a mother or father can transfer his character traits to his children, hence affecting their lives. For you to reduce the case of this disorder, then it is best when the parents resolve to dealing with the same, by ensuring that there is an ample time to see a psychiatrist, and ensuring they practice what they are told by the doctors. If you already have a child displaying this type of a disorder, then it is best of you to start training your child when he or she is young. It is very possible for one to transform a child’s disorder in time, as it gives the child new sense and direction, thus a reason why you need to make sure you train your child against the same.
The other possible causes of borderline personality disorder are environmental causes, which were imposed on them when they were and are young. This is evident with a child who has been brought up in an abusive family, where they are induced tostress by a member of the family. This takes root especially if one or both of the parents are drunkards. The worst-case scenario is when the child is brought about by a father, who is a drunkard, and is used to beating them and their mother. These children and their mother grow and live with much stress, leading to this type of a disorder. Even if the child grows to be an adult, he will always have images of him and his mother being beaten up hence will be aggressive to anyone who tries to violate their ‘rights’.
The other causing factor, though affect very few people are misuse of some drugs, which have a negative effect on them. This is most related to people with high intake of serotonin, which affects various parts of the brain, hence making these people be agitated easily.
If you have a friend with this kind of a remorse behavior, then it is best if you try to help them find the right person to talk to them. As funny as it might sound, most of these people have a best friend with a sober mind, whom they find relaxing talking and relating. This is the very person you need to get in touch with, to help the friend.

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