Bodybuilder’s Diary – Sunday

By | December 10, 2014

Fitness-Guy-thub-upDear diary, I got up at 9.30 so I could eat fifteen egg white matters and drink protein in peace. Of course, immediately after breakfast I took 50 mg of Dianabol, and gave myself 20 units of insulin. Actually, F. managed to persuade me to go with him to the church. F. recently has turned religious, and he says that bodybuilders always curse the God and the Holy Mary, as they are surprised when they do not gain muscle mass, and also he says that we should go to church every Sunday to pray the God for the more androgen receptors.

I heard a car horn; that was F. in his ‘stojadin’. I sat in the back seat next to him, his head was swollen, and in his hand he had a shake full of voluminous mass and dextrose sugar. He was angry at the priest, because he scheduled the Mass for him very early on, in the 10.30, and he gets up around 14.00. We entered the church, and immediately all of the people inside took a glance at the two brutally pumped – up Catholics. F. took holy water and crossed himself in a way that he tensed every muscle in the upper part of his body; his elbow was so jutted, so no one could have taken holy water before he did.

I thought we were the only ‘lions’ among a bunch of non – defined mass of ‘sheepish’ people. Then I saw a huge body mass on the choir; that was A.K. wearing a white T – shirt, so every muscle on his body could be seen. He immediately welcomed us in the old way of body – builders do, he stopped in front ‘double biceps’ pose, and we greeted him back in the ‘single biceps’ pose. The whole crowd looked at us, fuck it; they don’t understand the world of the body mass.

Once the Mass has finished, F., A.K. and me have gone for a coffee and to talk about anabolics; this time the theme was Anadrol. Suddenly S. flew in; he was all upset that I thought his sugar had fallen. He said he had a sore gluteus after he has administered three injections. He began to take his clothes in the midst of the coffee bar, after he showed to us his swollen butt and spoiled the mood of two grandmothers having coffee at the adjacent table; he began to make inquiries about the quality of anabolic steroids. F. told him that is a normal occurrence at the beginners, and suggested him to shave his butt regularly; because of methane pills usage his hair grew so opulently that he cannot normally defecate.

I went home for lunch; I really love Sunday’s lunches: my father has prepared a bunch of meat on the grill. I ate until I was full – fed and went to sleep. I was awakened by my cousin who usually drops by with his parents on Sundays. He’s still a youngster and goes to elementary school. I stood up and showed him my brutal muscle mass, and he remained fascinated. He said that he would like to be a mega – mass once he grows up. I immediately gave him two Dianabol and a protein shake, I tells him he have to purchase a bunch of protein and to drink 4-5 shakes every day; and of course, not to forget to lift weights at home.

I took my father’s car and with my relative I went to see F. It happened that F. has been just injecting HGH and watched a new protein catalogue. I wondered why there was no prospect of ‘Galenika’, but he said that mr. D. had not sent to him yet. I called mr. D to order a small doses of ephedrine and learned that he made another tattoo over his entire breast written ‘testosterone depot’, but the next week he will write on his back ‘Galenika’.

F., my cousin and I went into the football field to watch basketball game, and we lightened up some joint, since we cannot take alcohol. Smoking joints and taking ‘Normabels’ are our only entertainments.

All those faggots’ basketball players were looking at us with admiration, and they looked just like toilers. F. cried aloud: ‘What’s up mice? What, you have crapped?’ None dared to answer to pumped – up F. After 5 grams of high-quality joint smoked, my appetite has opened and so I and my cousin went to eat heap of pancakes. I hurried home to give myself 20 units of insulin and to drink another 40 mg of Dianabol.

It was late and my cousin had to go home. His mom asked him was he well, because he turned green. He said that he felt solid. The kid will be a real builder; the next time he comes I will give to him ten ampoules.

After dinner abundant in high protein, I went with my friends to the movies; we watched some stupid movie, and later we went to pose in a toilet. Everyone has taken his favourite pose and then we altogether cried ‘mass is the law!’ When a security guard came and saw four brutally pumped – up fellows he has immediately asked for advice on anabolics. A.K. told him to buy dextrose in ‘DM’ and to drink it four times a day.

We went to feast ourselves on the chicken meat then I went home. I drank a protein, looked at the mirror and went to sleep. Before I went to bed I loudly recited a verse to my ‘Bicep – Guardian’:

‘Bicep my amiable, obscure me with your might,

and with the Api’s promise grow larger at night and throughout the day,

particularly in turn, defend me, for there nothing can spoil my mass,

and when I leave this world,

in Apin gym I shall come again,

and up there I’ll be a big shot,

together with my biceps of steel.’

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