Body – builder’s Diary – Tuesday (steroids rocks )

By | December 2, 2014

funny-bodybuilderDear Diary, this is already the fourth week since I’ve been taking steroids. I usually take a gram of testosterone weekly, 70 mg Dianabol per day and 40 units of insulin, and of course, I’ll boost my dose next week. They say that it’s wrong to exaggerate in the beginning with drugs.

This morning I woke up really nervous, but when I brushed my teeth and observed my souped – up body, I noticed a large amount of hair on my chest that drove me totally crazy. A few days ago I shaved my chest and now what I have is forest. Yesterday I spent all my razor blades so I was at the end of the nerves. I rushed out and headed to the store for razor blades and dextrose. In a hurry, I tripped over the rubbish container and dog began to bark. I was overcome by rage and every muscle in my body has tensed; I ran to the dog and in bitter anger I kicked him with my leg several times. Dog started to run and I run after him for a few hundred meters, but due to my low pressure and dizziness, I had to stop.

I went to the store, shaved my chest and just arrived for the lunch, when of
course I consumed that day 0,7 kg of chicken meat and a bowl full of pasta; all of that I garnered with voluminous sauce.

After lunch, I watched a few films about Jay Cutler for the purpose of motivation before I had gone to my training; I drank 40 mg of Dianabol and 50mg of ephedrine, and then went to training. At the gym I met my colleagues F. and F. and I complained them about my psychological and, perhaps veterinary problems, because the dog was expectorate blood all day long. F replied that I need to get ‘stojadin’ because only with such a vehicle one can be at peace. Probably F. had problems with his sugar fallen when he has boasted that he takes 70 units of insulin a day, to which he thanked the contribution of his muscular body mass, worth 22 kilos during the period of four weeks. The training was brutal, my chest crimped and it was a pleasure to stick myself with insulin syringe, and to observe myself at the mirror; then I had a few shakes of proteins with a ‘shovel’ of dextrose and I went home to eat six canned tuna.

After dinner I drank three tablets of Dianabol and went to sleep, because that night I have had a
date. I woke up about 22 hours full of energy and vitality, I take a brisk look at the mirror and I thank Mr D. on quality anabolics.

I take my lady to the pictures. Gosh! What lady? It would be better to call her a classic companion. We watched some stupid movie in which the starring woman is old and remembers things; half of the film I did not understand, because every 15 minutes I had to get up because my arse ached from plenty of injections received. Finally, when the movie had ended, we went to her place; after a brief sex I stayed in bed and she went to the toilet, but only then I’ve noticed how bad she looks.

I’ve devised a plan to get away but I knew that I could not escape through the window, because I am too wide and right next door is the toilet, so I decided to stay in bed. I noticed that on bicep a capillary that broke out despite brutal mass of the weights, a some kind of outline of muscular definition; how gorgeous was the scenery; then I felt it was all worth it – and I knew the steroids rocks and the point was in a greater body mass.

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